Our ED's Statement on Immigration Reform

As written for the November 7, 2013 press conference on immigration reform, with a letter signed by interfaith leaders across the state of Pennsylvania.


Our interfaith commmunity wrote this letter to demonstrate that across Pennsylvania, over 200 faith leaders from Erie to Washington, from Allegheny to Dauphin, from Wayne to Lancaster, from Philadelphia and the surrounding counties to York, from Lackawanna to Lehigh, from Adams to Indiana stand with immigrations. From the 12,000 congregants at St. Rocco's Church in Avondale, PA to the thousands of faith members of Philadelphia POWER, immigrants and faith communities are intertwined in our state, and in many cases have rejuvenated our congregations. Our faith community knows first-hand of the struggles of immigrants whose families face being torn apart. We also know first-hand the contributions that immigrants in Pennsylvania make - taking care of our childre and our elderly, planing and picking our crops, opening new businesses and attending our great universities.

Our interfaith communities have often been left with the task of reminding our policy makers of the dignity and worth of all human beings. During a dark time in our history, when the government would not respond to the discrimination and segregation of African Americans, the faith community joined with others to support civil rights and helped build a movement. Today, as in the past, faith communities join together in welcoming the stranger, and of urging the federal government to address our failed immigration policies so we can build Pennsylvania together. We call on our legislative leaders to stop the paralysis in Washington to "let our people vote."

This letter is the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of other congregations and faith leaders who join us in calling on our government officials to keep our Pennsylvania families together and provide a pathway for immigrant families.

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