Staff presenting CLE for Family Law Practitioners

CLE Seminar - LUNCH & LEARN: Expand Your Custody or Dependency Practice to Best Serve Immigrant Children and their Caregivers

Thursday, October 27, 2016

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Montgomery Bar Association CLE Room


Along with the Honorable Kelly C. Wall, HIAS Pennsylvania staff members Elizabeth Yaeger and Justin Mixon will be presenting a CLE at the Montgomery Bar Association on the unique needs of immigrant children:

Immigrant children who are the subject of dependency, custody or guardianship matters can have unique legal needs. Some children have recently come to the United States to flee abuses or other hardships abroad; others have lived here for most of their lives. Regardless of why they came or how long they?ve been here, children who lack legal immigration status are at risk of being separated from their caregivers, denied important services, and forcibly returned to places where they may be exploited or abused. This seminar will instruct attorneys who handle custody, dependency, and guardianship matters about the unique ways that immigration status should affect your representation of an immigrant child or the child?s parent/caregiver. We?ll give a brief overview of immigration laws impacting children and will then focus on one special humanitarian protection called Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS). This humanitarian protection requires collaboration with a state courts that make care and custody decisions before a child can apply for immigration relief. After the seminar, attorneys will get the chance to join a professional forum for discussing these unique cases. Interested and qualified attorneys can also apply to join HIAS's family law/child welfare referrals list.

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