HIAS PA Speaks Out: Supreme Court's DAPA Decision

Thursday, June 23, 2016, the Supreme Court issued a 4-4 decision in the case challenging the administration’s executive actions announced in November 2014 (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans - DAPA). This means that the underlying preliminary injunction issued against this initiative by Judge Hanen of the Southern District of Texas will stand and DAPA, a program that would have allowed undocumented parents of citizens or lawful permanent residents to apply for work permits and exemption from deportation, is effectively frozen. DAPA was modeled after Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, (DACA) an Obama Administration policy enacted in 2012 for certain undocumented children.  HIAS Pennsylvania is deeply disappointed in the Court’s decision as it destroys the chance for thousands of Pennsylvania residents to emerge from the shadows.  Despite this setback, the immigrant community and the strong support this community has from across the spectrum of PA residents, will continue to organize to ensure that all members of our community are allowed to come out of the shadows and emerge from the fear of deportation. For a listing of immediate response events see Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition's (PICC) website here.

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