Judi Bernstein- Baker Receives Public Service Award from Binghamton University Alumni Association

August, 2011

Judi Bernstein Baker is the recipient of the Edward Weisband Distringuished Alumni Award for Public Service or Contributions for Public Affairs, which recognizes one graduate each year whose life, work, career and contributions exmplify the highest standards of public service and deepest dedication to public affairs and sustenance of the common good at home and abroad. 

Binghamton University Alumni Association's representative wrote that Judi's "dedication to improving the lives of refugees from around the world is inspirational," and that her "leadership and commitment to the people who seek to change their lives and begin anew is a shining example of what we hope to see in our graduates; supreme dedication and commitment to a worthy cause."

Judi comments: "It is an honor to receive recognition of the vital work of HIAS Pennsylvania. The dedication and talents of HIAS Pennsylvania's staff, board and volunteers make it possible to serve the immigrants and refugees in our regioin, whose very lives are at stake."

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