The Emma Lazarus Legacy Fund

Welcome to the home page for HIAS Pennsylvania's Emma Lazarus Legacy Fund.

HIAS Pennsylvania may have helped your grandmother, parents or other relatives emigrate and settle in the United States. We need your help now to secure our future.

Your gift to the Emma Lazarus Legacy Fund will allow access to unrestricted funds to respond quickly to world emergencies and immigration policy changes. The Fund will guarantee the permanency of HIAS Pennsylvania for generations of immigrants and refugees. For more information 

Anyone can leave a gift of any amount, like Marli, who committed a percentage of her Bat Mitzvah money to the Emma Lazarus Fund. You can read her story here. If you would like to share your story of why you support HIAS Pennsylvania and our Legacy Fund, please send them to Marisa Falcon.

Contact Judi Bernstein-Baker for more information about leaving your legacy with HIAS Pennsylvania's Emma Lazarus Legacy Fund.

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