Common Myths about Immigration

Immigrants need to wait in line to get in legally.

There are only 4 ways to get into the US legally: 1) offered a job by US employer because of a skill; 2) escaping persecution; 3) joining close family in the US; or 4) winning the green-card lottery. There is no line for most individuals.

My ancestors waited in line, why don’t they?

For the first 100 years, the US had an open immigration system that allowed any able-bodied immigrant in. There was no line at that time either. Under current policy, most immigrants arriving between 1790-1924 wouldn’t be allowed in.

Immigrants bring crime.

Both legal and undocumented immigrants have far lower crime rates than native-born Americans do. According to the Cato Institute, immigrants are 1/5 as likely as native-born to be incarcerated for crimes.

Refugees are likely to be terrorists.

Refugees are the most vetted category of any traveler to the US. According to the Cato Institute, of the 3.25 million refugees let in from 1975-2015, 20 have become terrorists. The chance of dying in a terrorist attack committed by a refugee is one in 3.4 billion a year. The chance of dying in a car crash is one in 47,718.

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