Asylees: Get Paid to Help a Research Project!

Are you here on asylum?

Interested in helping a research project?

Drexel University is seeking participants to take part in a research study involving political asylum and trauma.

Asylee Outreach Program Coordinator Jason Hernandez is working with Sarah Filone at Drexel University to research asylum applications in an attempt to create a more fair system moving forward. They are interested in the ways adult asylees communicate their stories in an interview.

Derivative asylees are welcome to participate.

Judi Bernstein-Baker Honored for Asylum Work with Indonesian Students

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Judi Bernstein-Baker was honored on Nov. 17, 2011, by the Independence Charter School of Philadelphia, which awarded her the Global Citizen award for her work with two of its students and their parents to gain asylum from Indonesia. With Judi’s encouragement, the fifth-graders of Independence Charter collected 2,500 signatures and sent hundreds of letters in an effort to stop their classmates’ deportation. Although the asylum case was not successful, the family was able to relocate to Canada.

Thomas G. McGill Tappeh

When asked about his life, Thomas G. McGill Tappeh begins with his grandfather. As a king of the Dan people living in Liberia, his grandfather Tappeh was known to be powerful but peaceful. Despite his stature in society, Tappeh understood that in order for his children to be successful, they would require a formal education. This belief was transmitted through the generations to Thomas, whose whole life has focused on education.

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